Ancient Jungle Wyvern
Ancient Jungle Wyvern
Health 17000
Damage 80
Defense 40
Immune to
Knockback Knockback
Poison Poison
Confusion Confusion
On Fire! On Fire!
Cursed Inferno Cursed Inferno
Drops: 9 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Sapphire Sapphire  (2-9) 100%
Ruby Ruby  (2-9) 100%
Topaz Topaz  (2-9) 100%
Diamond Diamond  (2-9) 100%
Emerald Emerald  (2-9) 100%
Amethyst Amethyst  (2-9) 100%
Dark Soul Dark Soul  (300) 100%
Necro Breastplate Necro Breastplate 100%
Necro Greaves Necro Greaves 100%
Necro Helmet Necro Helmet 100%

The Ancient Jungle Wyvern is a boss meant to be fought shortly after Skeletron/Gravelord Nito in The Story of Red Cloud. Besides dealing high damage on contact it will occasionally shoot out cursed fireballs which will inflict debuffs such as "Crippled!" and "Poisoned!". It's best to keep it attacking from the bottom and the top if you're using melee but piercing weapons such as flails work if you have the space. Piercing spells and meteor shot work quite well if you're not using melee. If you're farming for gems this is generally a good option. As far as armor goes, upgraded late normal mode armor or better is generally a good option, as well as a few buffs.